SunRail: Central Florida Commuter Rail Mapping Project.

Central-Florida-SunrailA Better Way to Go! is the tagline for the Sunrail Commuter Rail System in Central Florida. The Sunrail system is a critical part of the daily commute for the people living in Central Florida. With the I-4 Ultimate construction underway, Sunrail provides a cost-effective alternative for those who want to avoid traffic congestion each day. Back in 2014 ACA began the 3D mapping of the initial 62-mile rail corridor. This effort was an advanced planning survey for the preliminary engineering phase of a commuter rail system along existing CSX rails from Deland, FL to Kissimmee, FL. Sunrail has three Intermodal Centers in the Orlando area using existing CSXT freight rails. Sun Rail at speeds of 79 MPH connects commuters north of Orlando to a future High-Speed Rail connector to the south. ACA provided photogrammetry merged with ground survey to create 3D Digital Terrain Models. Significant detail was collected at each rail crossing commuter station. With the pressure to start the I-4 Ultimate project, the Sunrail became a fast paced project where ACA’s technical approach facilitated a compressed schedule.

About SunRail: Central Florida’s commuter rail line represents an exciting new travel choice for residents and visitors. The first phase opened on May 1, 2014 and connects twelve SunRail stations through three different counties.

ACA continues to work on the ever growing Sunrail corridor and is currently providing as-built 3D mapping for the rail yard below and further northern expansion later this year.



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