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LAMP/MAMP Acquisition

lamp-mapping2ACA is the leader and expert in Low Altitude and Medium Altitude Mapping Photography LAMP/MAMP. ACA pioneered this technology 20 years ago and has flown over 1500 miles of roads, interstates, interchanges and rail corridors with this unique photogrammetric mapping approach. We introduced LAMP to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in 1997 and it is now used all over the Country for roadway design. Our experienced compilers collect Digital Terrain Model elevations at an astounding survey grade vertical accuracy better than +/- 0.05 ft. Our licensed professionals have successfully completed major interstate projects exceeding technical specifications and client.

lamp-mappingLAMP is the safest technical approach to create a new Digital Terrain Model of the hard paved surfaces in a right of way (ROW) corridor. It helps to keep surveyors out of harm’s way by minimizing the amount of time in the ROW required to collect ground data for a fully integrated DTM. MAMP is flown at a higher altitude with a fixed wing aircraft creating a DTM with a vertical accuracy of +/- 0.10 ft.


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