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Fixed Wing Aerial Imagery and LiDAR Acquisition

sensor-300x201ACA offers our clients the latest technology for full waveform LiDAR data acquisition from a fixed wing or helicopter platform depending upon project requirements for accuracy and point density.  Utilizing the Riegl LMS Q 680i LiDAR Sensor capable of collecting at 400,000 kHz (pulses per second) ACA is able to achieve accuracies of up to .10’ RMSE.  This system is capable of generating up to 65 points per square meter (ppsm) for low altitude helicopter acquisition and up to 12 ppsm in one of our two fixed wing aircraft.  LiDAR can be acquired in conjunction with digital aerial imagery on either the fixed wing or helicopter platform and can also be flown in conjunction with HD Video from the helicopter.

ACA has experience acquiring LiDAR for multi-county projects, watersheds, transportation/utility corridors and for small areas for land development.  Our trained LiDAR specialists are capable of detailed feature extraction and topographic mapping.  We utilize software specifically designed to register points that penetrate the tree canopy and also to detect small variations in topography to ensure water connectivity even in difficult areas with minimal changes in elevation.

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