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Digital Ortho Imagery : B&W, Color & Color Infrared

geospatial-mappingACA utilizes our Vexcel UltraCam X and the Vexcel UltraCam Eagle large format Digital Mapping cameras or the Leica RCD 30 medium format RGBI Digital Camera, flown in either our Cessna 206 or 208 aircraft. The Eagle is the largest format digital camera available; with less images to process and fewer seam-lines this results in quick turnaround times, cost savings and higher quality imagery for our clients. The Vexcel Cameras are capable of collecting up to a 1” pixel resolution and if used in conjunction with the 210 mm lens in urban areas can reduce building lean by up to 50% . With ACA’s digital camera solutions, you will receive a higher volume and quicker turnaround of digital orthophotos for your project.

The ACA QA/QC process checks for measurement scale, pixel size and image quality to ensure the orthophotography meets and exceeds National Map Accuracy Standards. ACA also creates an additional file for property appraisal showing the exact date and time of image acquisitions and an Online Imagery Review Portal is accessible to all our clients for review of tonal balance and adherence to specifications.


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