New Jersey Transit Positive Train Control Asset Inventory

rail-projects-acaPositive train control monitors and controls train speed to prevent collisions and derailments, especially on sharp curves. The technology would have prevented a fatal Amtrak derailment near Philadelphia last year, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Since much of the Northeast operates on shared railroads – NJ Transit’s (NJT) entire Northeast Corridor operates on Amtrak-owned track – the Federal Railroad Administration requires that PTC technology be able to communicate with all carriers.

To enable the design and installation of the PTC technology ACA was contracted to fly and document the current as-built conditions using Helicopter LiDAR at 65+ PPSM, High Definition Video and 1” Ortho photography for the entire 450+ miles of the NJ Transit Commuter Rail System. The 3D data was utilized to create a high accuracy asset inventory and a track centerline database to be used by NJT for their Positive Train Control System.


The entire project is expected to be completed in 2018.

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