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transportation-corridor-mapping Today’s network of Roads and Highways continue to face pressure to expand while maintaining public safety. Transportation Agencies, Engineers, and Contractors make plans and critical decisions based upon what they can see and visualize. The ability to experience new plans and designs in 3D while determining how to construct is paramount. Identifying new concepts against accurate existing as-built conditions is a necessity to determine new design fit, clash analysis, as well as the impact to the environment, people, and local communities’.

ACA is Precision Mapping in 3D Space. We have mastered the blending of multiple technologies to create the best and most cost-effective 3D mapping products in the Roadway Industry. High accuracy drainage designs for corridors with flat terrain requires precision mapping to ensure safety for our communities. We excel at achieving accurate 3D data that exceeds mapping standards and we do it in record time compared to others. ACA’s expertise and performance translates into safer designs anywhere in North America.

ACA’s high accuracy 3D mapping translates into less cost, fewer mistakes and minimum time for a new road to become a reality.

ACA provides 2D and 3D Survey and Mapping Solutions for:

  1. Design/Design Build/APD
    1. Capacity Expansion
    2. New Roadway Corridors
    3. Interchanges: New & Reconfigure
    4. Toll Roads & Express Lanes
    5. Pavement Resurfacing
    6. Bridges
    7. Multimodal Corridors
    8. Safety
  2. Planning: PD&E
    1. New Routes & Concepts
    2. Environmental
    3. Watershed
    4. Public Forums
  3. Construction/PPP
    1. As-Builts
    2. Cuts and Fill Volume Estimates
    3. Construction Management & Progress
    4. Inspection
    5. Pavement Condition
  4. Asset Management
  5. ITS/Intelligent Highways

ACA uses all industry standard CADD platforms to provide agencies, engineers and decision makers the products and supporting data in formats that they can easily use. ACA’s technical approaches include Digital Photogrammetry, Mobile LiDAR & Imagery, Aerial LiDAR & Imagery, and HD Video including the integration of ground survey & scanning.

ACA has performed high accuracy mapping for thousands of miles of transportation corridors. Each deliverable is signed and sealed by a Licensed Professional Surveyor and Mapper.

Connect with Us for your next transportation project. Our dedicated experts thrive in providing the very best 3D mapping products and services.

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