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telecommunications-corridor-mappingThe Electrical Utility Industry continues to evolve while facing challenges on many fronts. Its legacy grid requires modernization to meet increasing demand over the next two decades while technology changes and alternate sources of new energy make the delivery of safe, clean energy a very complex and challenging business….and everyone wants it yesterday!

ACA is an expert in providing new mapping technologies that enable engineers and decision makers to see and implement the improvements they desire. ACA is Precision Mapping in 3D Space. We have mastered the blending of multiple technologies to create the best and most cost-effective 3D mapping products for the Utility & Energy Industry.

Transmission and Distribution Grid Designs vary due to terrain requirements. ACA’s Precision Mapping will ensure safety for all communities. We excel at achieving accurate 3D data that exceeds Utility Mapping Standards and we do it in record time compared to others.

ACA’s High Accuracy 3D mapping translates into less cost, fewer mistakes, and minimum time for engineers to make new designs a reality. Our expertise and performance translates into safer design and construction anywhere in North America.

ACA provides 2D and 3D Survey and Mapping Solutions for:

  • Transmission Line Design
  • Preliminary ROW Investigations
  • Clipping Verification
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Vegetation Management
  • Hydro Dam Assessment
  • Lake and Waterway Assessment
  • Environmental Assessments & Management
  • Substation Site Mapping
  • Power Plant Generation Design/Expansion
  • Asset Management/Inventory
  • Solar/Wind Farms Design & Development
  • Oil & Natural Gas Pipeline Routing
  • Cellular Network Design & Development
  • Telecom Grid

ACA uses all industry standard CADD platforms to provide agencies, engineers and decision makers the products and supporting data in formats that they can easily use. ACA’s technical approaches with helicopters, fixed wing and UAVs include:

  • Aerial LiDAR/Ortho Imagery/Oblique Imagery
  • Mobile LiDAR & Imagery
  • HD Oblique Video including
  • Ground Survey and BIM Scanning

ACA has performed high accuracy mapping for thousands of miles of Energy corridors. Each deliverable is signed and sealed by a Licensed Professional Surveyor and Mapper.

Connect with ACA for your next Energy Transmission & Distribution project. Our dedicated experts thrive in providing the very best 3D mapping products and services.

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