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airport-mapping Airports are becoming more complex while being integrated with multimodal centers and transportation networks throughout the USA. Being able to connect tens of millions of passengers and products daily while maintaining safety and space separation is critical to America’s Aviation Network. Close isn’t good enough. Precision is required. ACA is among the nation’s leading experts for Aviation Geospatial Services. Our FAA Certified staff have completed aerial surveys for projects ranging from General Aviation to Major Hubs in the largest cities in the USA.

Our Mapping Applications cover:

  • Airport Layout Plans
  • Obstruction Survey Mapping
  • Runway Expansions
  • Asset Inventory
  • Ortho Imagery
  • Planimetric Updates
  • Airport Facility Mapping
  • Thermal Detection and Analysis
  • GPS Approach Surveys
  • Pavement Analysis: Ponding, Inventory, Resurfacing
  • 3D Mapping DEM/DTM for Design and Construction
  • GIS Data Conversion
  • Ground Survey and Boundary Survey
  • Property Title Searches

…including the generation, merging and integration of GIS asset information meeting Current Version of the appropriate FAA Advisory Circulars.

ACA’s innovative approaches include Aerial LiDAR, Mobile LiDAR, Static Scanning, Digital Orthos, Digital Photogrammetry, Geo Referenced HD Oblique Video, Ground Survey and BIM Scanning, all completed with FAA Safety Compliance. All 2D and 3D projects are delivered individually and/or integrated into an ACA developed GeoSpatial Database, or into a database of your choice.

Connect with ACA for your next Airport, Multimodal and/or Port project. Our dedicated experts thrive in providing the very best 3D mapping products and services.

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