“The future is now, and it’s in high speed rail!”

High-speed rail is the #1 large-scale climate solution
that can be built more quickly than any other option!”

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Credits: US High-Speed Rail Association

High Speed Rail: Orlando to Tampa/ Orlando to Miami Mapping

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 12.46.56 PMACA is pro High-Speed Rail! ACA, as a premier Precision Mapping Firm specializing in all forms of Transportation, was contracted by the joint venture of Florida Overland Express to provide precision 3D mapping products to support planning and design for two of the largest High-Speed Rail projects in the USA. High Accuracy mapping is a must to support the advance rail network design for trains traveling over 150+ miles per hour. These major rail corridors will someday connect these cities and landmark features such as the Orlando & Tampa International Airports and the Miami Intermodal Center at Miami International Airport. For the 85-mile, I-4 corridor from Tampa to Orlando, ACA provided high accuracy photogrammetric mapping services using LAMP helicopter imagery incorporating ground control survey to produce Topographic and 3D Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) for the initial design.
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Today the Miami to Orlando Corridor is being built via a private venture called All Aboard Florida. ACA provided mapping services for the routing of the 40-mile connection of new rail from Orlando International Airport’s Intermodal Center to Cocoa Beach where it will tie into existing rails going south to Miami.

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