Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL): Expansion of Runway 9R/27L & eALP

The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is expanding its south runway, the first part of a $2 billion expansion to alleviate crowds and flight delays at the budget-friendly travel hub.

The $719 million, 8,000 ft runway, is the first phase of the airports expansion to handle over 24 million travelers annually.


Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL): Expansion of Runway 9R/27L & eALP

ACA was contracted by Reynolds Smith & Hills to provide new airport mapping products including Color Ortho Imagery, up-dated Airport Layout Plan (ALP), Obstruction Survey, and Planimetric updates for FLL airport. The surrounding areas will also include low altitude Helicopter LAMP mapping of critical road and rails to accommodate the runway and improve the flow of traffic. This project also includes an overall FAA-GIS Part 18B Standards data conversion with the mapping deliverables.

All of these products will be used in the design and construction of an 8,000-foot air carrier runway on the south side of the airport.

The project construction management by Parsons Corporation includes:

  • Expanding and elevating Runway 9R-27L to an overall length of 8,000 ft and width of 150 ft, with an engineered materials arresting system (EMAS) at both runway ends
  • Constructing a new full-length parallel taxiway 75 ft wide just north of Runway 9R-27L
  • Constructing connecting cross-field taxiways from the new full-length parallel taxiway to the existing taxiways and north runway
  • Constructing an instrument landing system for Runway 9R-27L
  • Constructing a new aircraft staging and hold pad
  • Decommissioning and permanently closing Runway 13-31, the crosswind runway

This infrastructure program includes multiple bridges to support the extended runway and parallel taxiway as they pass over the Florida East Coast Railroad, U.S. 1, the airport perimeter road, and associated airport access ramps.


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