I-95 Bridge Phase 1 Mobile LiDAR Mapping

ACA delivers a 3D calibrated point cloud for a congested section of the New Jersey Turnpike using our Riegl VMX 450 Mobile Laser Scanner. Phase 2 to begin February 2014. More »

Digital Orthophotography

ACA creates high resolution digital orthophotography with our three Digital Mapping Cameras More »

LAMP Mapping & Photography

ACA is the leader in Low Altitude Mapping Photography (LAMP). ACA pioneered this technology 20 years ago and has flown over 1,500 miles of roads, Interstates, interchanges and rail corridors More »

High Accuracy Rail Mapping

ACA is one of the leading experts in High Accuracy Rail Corridor Mapping as well as for multimodal connections and facilities. Our technical experience covers Mobile LiDAR, Helicopter LiDAR, high resolution Orthophotography, HD Video capture and Low Altitude Mapping Photography (LAMP) More »

Company Qualifications

Established in Orlando, FL in 1973, ACA is celebrating 40 years in the mapping industry. ACA has built a reputation as an innovative leader, specializing in high accuracy geospatial solutions. With a large staff of licensed survey and mapping professionals we have the right solution to fit nearly any project. More »

ACA Takes to the Skies with UAS Mapping Technology

ACA offers this new and exciting remote sensing technology to our toolbox. More »


Did You Know…

As of March 10, 2014, FDOT has implemented new Small Business Strategies that include SBE firms to be used to satisfy the Under-utilization Requirements for FDOT projects. See Standard Note No. 8

ACA the only Florida-based prequalified SBE firm that provides the full service technical solution for Under-utilized Work Group 8.3 identified in FDOT advertised projects. Use of under-utilized small businesses for teaming is strongly encouraged by the Department, and is a critical factor in shortlist consideration.

We own and operate the LiDAR sensors, cameras and equipment needed to perform these precision mapping services in-house.

Add ACA to your team to meet Under-utilization requirements and SBE goals and on your next project.


ACA and SWFWMD Generate New Infrared Green Laser Hybrid DTM

Terra CeiaSouthwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) contracted ACA to provided an accurate topography solution for the 287-acre Huber Tract located in Terra Ceia Bay. ACA used a multi-wave approach to acquire terrestrial and bathymetric elevations. The combined datasets produced an accurate topographic surface and a hydro enforced DTM for the engineering design for this habitat restoration project. SWFWMD further created a hybrid DTM from the upland Mangroves and Brazilian Pepper Vegetation. Read our latest newsletter for more information.